Executive Coaches, Training Companies and Consultants: Increase your ROI by offering your clients more

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Partner with the International Institute of Leadership Studies: The most successful coaches, training companies that we know, do more than just coach or offer training. By combining business coaching or training with other services, you can offer your clients the biggest return on their investment.

The International Institute of Leadership studies offers an array of solutions to coaches, training companies, consultants, schools/universities/colleges and individuals.

Who are our Key Partners?

  • Coaches. Executive and personal coaches from across the globe. They use our psychometric assessments and our e-learning programs to develop the people they are coaching.
  • Training Companies. All training companies globally can benefit from using our tools.

o    Psychometric Assessments for establishing training needs and as a post tool to determine training effectiveness.

o    E-learning to use as a “blended” option for classroom programs.

o    Classroom training programs which they can offer together with the exams to create certifications and establish benchmarks with their client organizations.

o    Schools, universities, colleges and organizations that require online assessments and exams that are proctored. We can supply various levels of proctoring:

  • Identity verification
  • Together with video coverage of the whole exam
  • Or live proctoring throughout the exam.

o    Individuals who want to use our assessments or take our e-learning programs

Contact us on email at nigel@theiils.com