Nigel Fann


Nigel has been involved in Leadership, Sales and Customer Service Development for the past 25 years. He has worked with large financial institutions, trading and manufacturing, logistic, pharmaceuticals, property developers and the hospitality sector. In the last three years he has worked intensely with the oil and gas industry in Leadership Development. He has delivered training programs in most parts of the world including the UK, USA, many countries in Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, all the countries in the GCC and Middle East.

Nigel Fann is the CEO and founder of Sun Learning Systems, a UAE based training company specializing in offering certified soft skills training. He also serves on the Board of Regents of the Institute of Certified Professional Managers at the Business School at the James Madison University. He is a Certified Manager, a Certified Professional Leader and a Certified Sales Professional. He lives with his wife in Dubai, UAE and in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.


Farrah Koudsi


Farrah has been in the training and sales industry since 2003, when she had an opportunity to work at the famous Health care company Abbott Laboratories as a Program Manager.

She joined Sun Learning Systems (SLS) in 2008 as a Corporate Trainer after becoming certified through SLS as a Certified Sales Professional and Certified Manager. She is responsible for SLS’s major Oil and Gas clients.

Farrah has obtained her International Certification in Training and Teaching through City and Guilds, UK in 2010, and certification during 2011 in Emotional Intelligence through Six Seconds.


Joseph Botes

Legal Director

Joseph Botes is an advocate, ex- military lawyer and management consultant, who has over 10 years of experience in the private and public sector throughout Africa, primarily in the security, medical and commodities sectors and over 11 years of experience in both the commercial and government sectors in the Gulf and Middle East, with particular focus on company formations and resolution of company challenges in terms of business management and risk management.

He has over 15 years experience in developing strategies for multinational companies to enter into markets and to successfully expand internationally.

He has assisted organizations in raising foreign direct investment, worked with companies to tap into the vast multi-lateral and bi-lateral funding streams and assisted NGOs in working together in integrated programs to maximize the use of financial support.

He has a vast network that allows him to quickly get to the key decision makers in target market areas, both internationally and locally.


Tarryn Cohen

Chief Marketing Officer

Born and raised in South Africa, Tarryn is passionate about Marketing. She has BA in Creative Brand Communications. Tarryn oversees all our technical and administrative requirements.


Christo Botha

Senior Associate

Christo has over 25 years of Sales and Leadership experience. His knowledge of international markets is extensive as he has opened up new offices in Japan, Hong Kong and Canada. He has done business in more than 50 countries and lived abroad for 6 years. Christo maintains the quality of our material and ensures that it meets international standards for Service, Sales and Leadership. Christo currently lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Colin A Johansen

Senior Associate

Colin has over 30 years of senior management experience in a range of industries predominately in the private sector, as a senior executive in two of the world’s largest automotive companies, Nippondenso – Toyota Motors Group and Paccar (both Fortune 500 Global Companies).

Having a background in training and development through-out his career he utilised his experience in this area as CEO of one of the largest private training institutes in Australia for a number of years before moving in to the policy and administration area of the Australian Governments Department of Education, Science and Training, where he was a major contributor to policy development, strategic planning and implementation of a number of new programmes and reforms to the Vocational Education & Training sector.


Maggie Williams

Senior Associate

Maggie has over 25 years international experience in the education and corporate sector. Her recent experience in the retail energy industry has focussed on her passion for employee engagement, talent management, training effectiveness, team effectiveness, leadership skills and frameworks. She has spent several years in project management of TOEFL and Business language education education and Business This expertise in employee satisfaction outcomes is further enhanced by her skill in mentoring, coaching and in particular being a senior facilitator in the Seven Habits philosophy (Stephen Covey.