Our Values

The IILS encourages leadership that empowers and elevates every individual. By focusing on programs that develop personal awareness through the mastery of emotional, moral, and social intelligence we change how leadership evolves worldwide. Today leaders must consider not only profitability, but also the sustainability of planet and people as well. We believe a balanced approach that takes advantage of modern globalization can achieve all three of these goals.

Our Network

By creating a global network of training partners who follow the IILS standards of excellence through a commitment to lifelong learning, we create a common curriculum that expands according to the input provided by our students, partners, members and educators. Our network directly contributes to our “global benchmark” that truly is international in nature and still relevant to the individual on a local level.

Our Community

The IILS was established as an organization of learning where great minds could contribute to the global evolution of education and development through an expanding membership base worldwide. We strive to expand the benefits to our community of organizations, professionals and educators.

Customized Programs

Besides our globally recognized certifications, our IILS consultant group can create customized solutions such as in-house training programs with personalized curriculum that is tailored to your organization’s specific needs. This allows you to meet special challenges that may only exist in your particular industry.

Online Learning Portals

An additional option is our online learning portals via our partnership with the Center for Leadership CertificationTM (CLC) that can include exams, videos and other valuable resource materials that you provide or we create for you.