The IILS encourages leadership that empowers and elevates every individual


The International Institute of Leadership Studies (IILS) offers a range of certifications for governmental organizations, business professionals, academics and those in the non-profit sector. These programs are available via in-house lectures, open programs as well as online self-study through our virtual campus provided by our partner, the Center for Leadership Certification. Certification is met through online exams. The process is rigorous and tailored for the level and category being tested. Through our training partners we are able to provide clients with specially tailored blended learning programs.

Training programs

The IILS currently offers professional training and certification in the following subjects:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Management
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • A Marketing and Brand Management
  • Project Management
  • IT Infrastructure

Training is followed by a robust online examination to verify understanding and proficiency in the subject matter – tailored to the level and category being tested. Recognized designations and certificates are awarded by the IILS on the successful completion the assigned assessment task. Exams are conducted by our online learning partner the Centre for Leadership Certification.

What are the advantages of certification?

The most obvious advantage of certification is that through written examinations of skills a reliable standard or benchmark is set for both the individual and the employer to benefit from.

Additional Advantages to the Individual

  • Builds skills and knowledge for better job performance
  • Improves attitude and self-image
  • Opens up additional career opportunities and a better outlook for the future – Gives a sense of accomplishment and achievement while validating expertise

Additional Advantages to the Employer

  • Sets consistent standards for the organization
  • Show employee dedication and commitment
  • Differentiates the organization
  • Authenticates each employee’s knowledge and skill set
  • Certification has a long history of verifying competency and credibility. It enhances ones value and credibility as a professional through setting and abiding by professional standards.